Darko Brašanac in the „A" National Team of Serbia!
The shine of Darko Brašanac in his recent games has convinced the National Team coach Radovan Ćurčić to call up Darko for the first time among the best players of his country.

There is no doubt that „Braš“ has deserved to be called-up for the „Orlovi“ (Eagles) as he has established himself in the last year as Partizan key player.

With Darko’s fantastic mentality, professionalism and talent paid-off, his career was naturally evolving step by step, fist becoming an indispensable member of the U21 team, then gaining notoriety in Partizan dressing room, and for the last few months he has really been performing at a very high level which was recognized by his football federation.

Dynamic Agency sincerely congratulates our player for this achievement!